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Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals

A free show at 1015 Folsom.


Singer, rapper, and producer Anderson Paak was an underground LA musician until Dr. Dre unexpectedly tapped him to collaborate on his final studio album, Compton. Paak — who was relatively unknown at the time of the record’s summer 2015 release — appears in this final chapter of Dr. Dre’s discography a total of six times, which piqued the music industry’s interest in the multi-talented young artist. Since Compton, Paak has performed at the Oakland Music Festival and released his latest album, Malibu. Malibu’s sonic palette is soulful and earthy, with plenty of ear-pleasing soul samples that call to mind the vintage feel of D’Angelo’s Black Messiah or even the eclectic production on Kendrick Lamar’s groundbreaking To Pimp a Butterfly. Throughout the record, Paak rhymes with unexpected cadences, switching up tempos and bending his raspy voice in ways that sometimes evoke a brass instrument. He has a free show at 1015 Folsom on January 21.