An Update on Josh Freese's Wacky Album Sales Scheme



As perhaps you'll recall, in February Nine Inch Nails/A Perfect Circle/Devo/Sting/Vandals drummer Josh Freese unveiled a very interesting tiered pricing plan for his new album Since 1972. If you don't recall or could use a good what-the-fuck chuckle (that's what the 'net is here for, after all), check this out... it's got all the juicy details.

Anyway, just wanted to bring you on update on how those sales were going. The cheaper $7, $15, and $50 options are still available (they were offered in unlimited quantities), but the $250 package, a limited edition of 25 featuring signed drum gear and a private lunch with Freese, has sold out. The $500 package, limited edition of 15, is still available, as is the $1000 option, limited to 10; and 4 of the 5 $2,500 packages (they include drum lessons or back and foot massages from Freese). Also still available is 1 of the 3 $5,000 packages, featuring a private tour of Disneyland and a song written about you; the $10,000 package, limited to 1 and including Freese's Volvo; and the $75,000 package, limited to 1 and featuring my favorite, "Take shrooms and cruise Hollywood in Danny from TOOL's Lamborgini," as well as Freese being in your band or serving as your personal assistant for a month. However, also sold out is the single $20,000 package, which includes mini golf, two songs about you, three items from Freese's closet, and much more. Go here to see the real deal.