Alameda Schools Tax Measure May Have Won



Measure H, the Alameda schools parcel tax, picked up more votes today and is now winning with 66.87 percent of the vote, according to the latest counting update by the county Registrar of Voters Office. The county still needs to tabulate "a small number" of provisional ballots until all the counting is done, according to Registrar Dave MacDonald. But he added: "We don't believe many, if any, of the remaining ballots are from the City of Alameda."

Measure H needs to stay above the 66.67 percent threshold to win. It's been a dramatic week for the measure. When the polls closed more than a week ago, Measure H looked like it might lose as it stood at 65.8 percent. But as the county tabulated late arriving absentee ballots and provisionals, it edged into the lead.