Alameda Schools Parcel Tax Is One Vote Short


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Measure H, the Alameda schools parcel tax, is currently just one vote short of what it needs to be ahead, now that all of the absentee ballots have been counted, according to the latest update from the county Registrar of Voters. However, the measure, which currently has 66.6 percent of the vote — one vote less than it needs to be winning — could still come out on top when the registrar's office finishes counting about 6,500 provisional ballots later this week.

In addition, Oakland school board Vice President Alice Spearman appears to have avoided a runoff against challenger Doris Limbrick in the District Seven, East Oakland-Elmhurst, race. With all the absentees counted, Spearman has 50.6 percent of the vote. She needs to stay above the 50-percent threshold to avoid the runoff after the provisionals have been counted.

Provisional ballots are those handed out to each voter who showed up at a polling station on Election Day, and was not on the official registration roll for that precinct. Registrar workers have to check those ballots to be sure the provisional voters were actually registered to vote and had not already voted at other polling stations or by absentee ballot.