AC Transit Bus Driver Best in the Nation



Now that we've expressed our usual skepticism about the virtues of Customs officials, we'd like to take this moment to salute another public servant: AC Transit bus driver Jesse Dela Cruz, who just won the 2008 North American transit operator contest! No fewer than 75 crackerjack bus drivers vied for the crown at the Austin, Texas "roadeo," but Dela Cruz triumphed and stood tall, maneuvering his bus through the obstacle course in less than seven minutes. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, contestants did more than compete for speed and control; they had to call out each stop as they came to it, pull within half a foot of the curb, and search the bus for contraband before the race. And our man Jesse took home the prize! If you seem him on his Hayward-San Leandro route, be sure to give him the respect he has indisputably earned.