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A Troubled Rape Case Becomes Even More Troubling

After Contra Costa County prosecutors agree to a dodgy plea deal that they hoped would advance their case against a former political rival, the felon they released allegedly terrorizes a couple.



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Pittsburg police quickly arrested six suspects, who said they were trying to rob a drug dealer but had selected the wrong house. One of those arrested was Roy Gordon, who is now back in jail facing five felony counts of robbery for using a weapon and committing a violent crime while being free on bail. Gordon fired a weapon during the attempted robbery but he never entered the Black's home, Pittsburg police said.

District Attorney candidate Dan O'Malley insists that he had nothing to do with the Deguzman deal. "I had no participation in that case," he said. "I don't want to sound like I'm naive, but I purposely stayed away from that case. I never talked to my partner about it. I was not present at the meetings. I was never debriefed. I didn't even know it existed." But O'Malley did represent Gordon in two court appearances, only to sign a motion withdrawing as Gordon's attorney of record shortly after Gordon was involved in the assault on the Blacks.

In fact, O'Malley's link to the Deguzman deal is oddly similar to his connection to Jane Doe, the young deputy district attorney who alleges that Gressett raped her. Just like Deguzman, Jane Doe first made her allegations about Gressett not to the police but to O'Malley's law partner, who in turn notified Sequeira of the alleged rape. Harrison said he is convinced that O'Malley was intimately involved in Deguzman's trumped-up charges against Gressett just as he was apparently involved in the rape charges against Gressett. He thinks the whole damn mess is driven by dirty politics.

Meanwhile, since their home was invaded, the Blacks have installed a security door on their home and taken other measures to protect themselves. Harrison said it was wise of them to do so. "It's a good thing they barricaded their home," Harrison said. "I might barricade mine, too. The way this election is going, anything could happen before it's over."

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