A Sound of Thunder

Rated PG-13 2005

As in Ray Bradbury's short story that inspired the film, time-traveling hunters go back to the Cretaceous Period to hunt dinosaurs, but only ones that are just about to die anyway, so as not to disrupt the course of evolution. But one day, a minor mistake is made, causing a ripple effect into the future and populating it with all manner of dangerous new creatures. What's truly amazing about this movie is how utterly unaware everyone seems to be that the whole thing is both shoddy and ridiculous. The technology used by hunter Ryer (Edward Burns) and his colleagues looks like it came out of Adam West's Batcave, and the main computer has a female voice and is named T.A.M.I. The special effects are crap, and the main dinosaur would look bad in an Xbox game. The story does have decent forward momentum, and the raptors with baboon heads are fun; as a TV movie, this might have been momentarily enjoyable.

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