A New Solution for Oakland's Poop Problems



Back in 2009 we reported on three bad, bad, bad poopertrators (sorry — couldn't resist) in the China/Haddon Hills neighborhood of Oakland. They were described, on a Yahoo group network, as two medium-sized yellow and black dogs, and woman in a short denim skirt and baseball cap. The dogs copped a squat on an otherwise-unsullied lawn on Montclair Avenue, while the woman stood lookout. Then the three culprits walked away, without cleaning it up. The scene was caught on camera.

Thus far, high-tech home surveillance cameras been Oakland's most innovative solution to its dog poop problem. (And in this case, it worked.) But now an apartment complex in Redwood City has gone a step farther, by requiring dog owners to submit turd samples, to be placed in a doggy DNA database. According to SFist, all fresh poop will be measured against the existing "poo prints," and offenders will be fined $60, to pay for the cost of the test. That's not to mention the extra benefit of public shaming. Oakland, take note.