Seems like you can't talk about Oakland these days without talking about its crime problem. Yet a new web site devoted to crime in the city has got folks buzzing for another reason: its design. Since launching last week, Oakland Crimespotting has been praised by dozens of bloggers. "Fluid," "slick," "clever," and "super functional" are some of the adjectives used to describe the site, which was designed and built by Michal Migurksi, Tom Carden, and Eric Rodenbeck of San Francisco studio Stamen Design. The reason is its mash-up design - an interactive map that incorporates data from the city's crime mapping web site, a data slider from Measure Map, and a crime-type picker borrowed from Newsmap. The result is a simple, clear picture of crimes in Oakland. The site also provides email updates and RSS feeds, and every view of the map is linkable and sharable. According to Migurksi's blog, the team may expand the map to include Berkeley and Oakland.