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A Father's Quest

The case of Arianas Campos-Reese and his son Tyberius illustrates what's wrong with family court.



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So despite all the facts, and all the events that preceded them, full or even equal custody of Tyberius still hangs just out of reach for Arianas. He wishes that he could get somewhere, anywhere, in this process, even if it was just a simple shift in joint custody to award him more time with his son. Instead, Arianas continues to hand Tyberius over to Self five days per week at the Hayward police station. He tries to believe that the tables will eventually turn in his favor, and tries not to let his worries consume him.

"The whole Alameda Family Court System is a joke," Arianas said. "This system is not operating in the best interests of the child. I've heard Commissioner Hendrickson tell other men they can't keep coming into her courtroom and filing. Why not? It's her job to hear these cases. She doesn't seem to understand that I'll keep fighting for my son forever."

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