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A Carrot and Stick for Pot Farmers

The state water board has launched an unprecedented program that seeks to work cooperatively with cannabis growers, but other government agencies just want to raid farms and seize cash.


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And so Will pours his education and youthful energy back into the soil. When he was showing me around, he rambled on about botany while excitedly checking the pH of his soil. The money produced by the farm has helped pay for the removal of old rusted cars, and he and his father have put in big rain catchment tanks with solar powered pumps and started to remove huge amounts of trash. It's a beautiful and forward-thinking place, a model, but by no means the norm.

And even though Will and Kevin have their documents in order and are doing their best to clean and protect the land, when rumors spread on the morning that sheriffs were driving out to Island Mountain, it sent a chill through them. Even with all their effort and work, they still feared that a capricious law enforcement officer could take it all away.


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