"A Blight On The Legacy of Don Perata"



Hey, the Chron comes out swinging at Don Perata's recall campaign against Jeff Denham! Readers may recall that when state Senator Denham dared to vote against Perata's budget deal last summer, the Don organized a recall campaign as brutal payback, and now Denham is fighting for his life. The Chron's editors have always been too soft on Perata, but this time, they give it to him good, with an editorial that denounces his dark plans as "retribution and partisan pettiness." Further, they call Perata's hit pieces "annoyingly vacuous" and note that the man Perata would prop up in Denham's place, Assemblyman Simon Salinas, has a history of hiding under his desk when difficult votes have to be cast. Props to the Chron for sticking to the Don!