Production Staff

Nick Wong, Production Manager
Nick was born in Alameda and raised in Oakland where his family has been for over four generations. He attended Santa Clara University, graduating with a BA in Studio Art and minor in Art History. After college, he came home to the East Bay and began working for the City of Oakland in the Planning and Zoning department. After a few years, in 2007, he found his way to the Express as a graphic designer eventually working his way up to Production Manager. Now married and back living on The Island, Nick spends his time off traveling the world, trying new cuisine, going to sporting events (A's, Cal, Raiders, and Warriors games), playing the accordion, attending the theatre, making balloon animals, playing tabletop games, or hanging out with his three Pomeranians. He is also a huge fan of Disney, comic books, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, art, vintage clothing, and puppets.   

Brian Breneman, Creative Director
Not much is known about the creature known as "Brian Breneman." Believed to be from Stockton, he was given a job by the Express after he was found sleeping in a broom closet, muttering about :visual storytelling" and insisting that Interstate, not Helvetica, is the most commonly used sans serif typeface in the world. A team of researchers have been able to cobble together a vague history based on carbon dating of objects he calls "mix CDs" (most people today know these artifacts as playlists). Most experts agree that he dropped out of junior college, spent his 20s in bands, taught himself to use Adobe Photoshop, and joined the staff at Sacramento News & Review in 2012, where he worked in their client publication department and became art director in 2016. Sometime in 2017, he migrated to Oakland — perhaps seeking superior food and culture — and started working as creative director of East Bay Express. Some cutting-edge anthropologists have posited that he has "interests" like reading, cycling, listening to music, and playing video games, although a consensus of doctors reject this view, arguing instead that he simply keeps himself busy between meals.