Readers Say the Darnedest Things

Outtakes from Best of the East Bay ballots, with some editorial asides.

Dashingest Pro Athlete

"Your Momma."
Momma will be flattered she got a vote.

Most Extreme Way To Burn Calories Indoors

"you know, that thing"
Ah, yes, that thing.

Another vote for sex.

And another.

"Horizontal Hokey Pokey"

"screwing your boss"
Now we're getting creative.

"bungie fucking"
Now we're getting stupid.

Sweat for Jesus, sister!

"Packing to Move!"
We'll pass.

We said "burn," not "kill."

Swiftest East Bay Footrace

"chasing the damn bus"
AC Transit, here to serve you!

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Readers Say The Darndest Things