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40-Plus Gift Options for Adults

From beaded earrings to beard washes, generators to GMO-free hemp wraps, a gift for everyone on your list.

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Pamper your precious one with a Pedicure Royale from Organic Bliss Day Spa. This luxurious, one-hour service offers all the goodies of a classic spa pedicure, and also includes a warm stone foot massage, warm oil foot treatment, organic sugar foot scrub, and a warm towel wrap with foot booties and hydrating honey and shea body balm. The spa products used at Organic Bliss are locally manufactured by Naturals' Republic, a botanical-based line of personal care products formulated by spa owner Rasheedah Loharsingh. Pricing is $50 for the Pedicure Royale, $33 for 40-minute Spa Pedicure, or $18 for a 25-minute Mini Pedicure. For super holiday pampering, treat your honey to a body treatment, facial, or super indulgent spa packages. — AC

Polaroid OneStep 2



Face it: Instagram is actually an alternate reality filled with airbrushed faces and faux rich lifestyles. Your personal photos, on the other hand, are precious relics of truth, to be treasured forever. You can't Photoshop an instant photograph, and if you're being naughty, no one can digitally steal a nude Polaroid photo. The return to this more traditional form of physical photography can still satisfy the modern need for instant satisfaction, while also keeping those memories local; away from prying eyes. The Polaroid OneStep 2 can instantly mint new memories and turn them into keepsakes worthy of refrigerator hanging, framing, or hiding in important books. — AH

Port of Mokha Al-Jabal Single Farmer Lot



Published this year, local lit-lion Dave Eggers' latest book, The Monk of Mokha, is about Mokhtar Alkhanshali, a young Tenderloin-bred Coffee Quality Institute "Q grader" who returned to his homeland — Yemen, the celebrated birthplace not of coffee per se but of the glorious way we enjoy it today. Organizing highland farmers into collectives, he helped them employ sustainable strategies to create the main ingredient of his Oakland outfit's small-batch, super-luxurious brew. Beans that become the Al-Jabal Single Farmer Lot ($45 for a four-ounce box) are the ancient Udaini varietal, grown in the province of Sana'a: Harvested at 2,400 meters above sea level, they're some of the highest-grown beans on earth. At selected cafés, this stuff retails for $16 a cup. — S. Rufus

A retro platform: the RG 350.
  • A retro platform: the RG 350.

Retro Game 350



For the retro gaming fan in your life, the Retro Game 350 should be the perfect gift. This tiny little handheld gaming system offers a processor powerful enough to play Playstation 1 games, while still offering a price point that won't break the bank. The tiny size of this device means it will fit in any pocket, anywhere. The included SD card slot means you can expand the storage capacity to accommodate those big CD-based games from the late 90's. The responsive buttons and bright display ensure users will be able to obtain the optimum retro gaming experience anywhere. — AH

Tealover's Wish List

Various locations


The tea fanatics on your list would likely love any of the following: Classic 2008 book The Tea Drinker's Handbook by the founders of tea retailers Le Palais des Thés, $18.99; a beautiful Chinese clay Yixing teapot for traditional tea preparation, $150-950, Teance in West Berkeley, teance.com; simple but lovely dark green ceramic tea cup, $18 (small), $20 (large), Berkeley's Eastwind Books, AsiaBookCenter.com; extra-elegant 2 ml. "mini" of "Lumiere" perfume, with notes of green tea and frankincense, $50, Aftel Archive of Curious Scents in Berkeley, Aftelier.com; or your choice of charming "tea pets," used in the Chinese gong fu cha tea ceremony, $19.99, Teance. — Janis Hashe

Tomoko Ceramics

Fourth St Maker's Row, 1901 4th Street, Berkeley, TomokoCeramics.com


Handmade with love, Tomoko Ceramics are a practical and beautiful present. Tokyo-born potter Tomoko Jarrell has been making minimalist but whimsical pottery for nearly 20 years. Her signature designs have a timeless quality with a modern touch like delicate polka dots and touches of nature-inspired colors. Pricing ranges between $30-$50 for handcrafted pieces and blend well with a range of decors. From everyday items like mugs and plates to special occasion pieces like an ice cream cup, your recipient will think of you each time they use their gift. — AC

Celestial Hoops Brass Earrings

Resurrect Oakland at 4135 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, 510-653-8716, Tropikali.com


Big and bold, graceful and beautiful, the Celestial Hoops are just right for your favorite goddess. Handmade in Oakland by designer Sydney Kahn, the brass earrings feature the healing powers of either rose quartz or lapis lazuli. Rose quartz is said to encourage compassion towards self and others, and also promotes peace, healing, and an open heart. Lapis lazuli is said to promote balance and clarity and ease anxiety. In addition to their crystal powers, both colors look stunning. Tropikali Jewelry also makes rings, necklaces, and some clothing. — AC

Belcampo knows meat.
  • Belcampo knows meat.

Ultimate Meat Lovers

Box55 Webster St, Oakland, 510-281-0998, Belcampo.com


Belcampo has been raising standards in butchering and burger-ing since they opened their Jack London spot this summer, and if there's a carnivore in your life, they'll swoon for an Ultimate Meat Lovers Box delivered fresh to their door. The Meat Lovers Box comes with almost 8 pounds of fresh, grass-fed and finished organic beef including tri-tip, short ribs, flank steak, and chuck roast. Belcampo meats are renowned for their high quality, tenderness, rich marbling, excellent flavor, and ethical farming practices — these are no factory line cows. Whether they're grilled, slow cooked, braised or slathered in barbecue sauce, Belcampo meats are always delicious. The Meat Lovers Box is delivered frozen and will keep in its original packaging for up to a year, but who would want to wait that long? — EGJ

WEN 56200i 2000 Watt Inverter Generator



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