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40-Plus Gift Options for Adults

From beaded earrings to beard washes, generators to GMO-free hemp wraps, a gift for everyone on your list.

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Fig Farms always has a seat at the table when talking about Oakland's best pot. For years strains like the Purple Fig, and more recently White Nectarines, took our breath away. But their newest set of genetics is looking to flip the world of East Bay Cannabis on its head again. Among that new pack, the KushMint Cookies was the stunner, including when put against the wildly popular Animal Cookies x Face OG pairing Animal Face. When you open a jar of KushMints Cookies, the first thing you're hit with is an amazing fuel aroma to tickle the back of your nostrils, then other subtle sweet and citrus notes are in the background. While this one is full-bodied for sure, it still packs plenty of cerebral edge and won't glue you to a couch or anything like that. — JD

Gold Wrap Statement Necklace

510-463-4964, ShowAndTellOakland.com


The Gold Wrap Statement Necklace.
  • The Gold Wrap Statement Necklace.

For the bold fashionista on your gift list, why not get them a Gold Wrap Statement Necklace from Show & Tell? This is a necklace with a personality big enough to pull together any outfit, perfect for work, brunch, or date night. Handmade in-house from colorful cotton and polyester yarns, it's surprisingly lightweight, comes in red, black, navy, purple, and green, and is about 7.5 inches in diameter. Since 2011 the Show & Tell Concept Shop has been committed to authentic self-expression and celebration of people of color, the LGTBQIA+ community, women, and marginalized peoples. Order online for the widest selection of colors and materials. — EGJ

Handcrafted Soaps Oakland Supply Co.,

427 Water St., Oakland, 510-817-4488, EttaAndBillie.com


Pumpkin Porter soap from Etta + Billie.
  • Pumpkin Porter soap from Etta + Billie.

Great things happen when function marries form, and you get an abundance of both in the beautiful, handcrafted soaps from natural body care experts, Etta + Billie. Oakland-made in small batches, everything at Etta + Billie is organic, free of artificial colors or scents as well as palm oil, and is made from a combination of organic oils and food-centric essential oils for a true farm-to-bottle skincare experience. With tantalizing, food-inspired aromas like Chai Tea, Spiked Cider, Hot Bourbon + Lemon, and Ritual Coffee + Cardamom, they make a perfect stocking stuffer for any foodie who also loves a calming soak. Soaps are $14 each and are available from the company's website and at Oakland Supply Co. — EGJ

Hella Hoodie


$38.25 with discount

Be hella dope by gifting the Hella Hoodie. "The word 'hella' is one of the most frequently used words in the Bay Area vocabulary," according to owner and designer Teresa Kimbrough of Hella Bay Clothing Company. Whether you're looking for a cozy gift for a Bay Area native or a novelty gift for an out-of town guest, this hoodie will show your Bay Area love. The material is super soft and comfy, to better ward off those chilly Bay evenings. All the hoodies (and the brand's other clothing items) are designed and printed in Oakland by Kimbrough. The hoodie costs $48, but for the month of December Kimbrough is extending a 15 percent discount to readers who use the promo code: EASTBAYEXPRESS. — AC

High Hemp Wraps Vegan/GMO free

$30 for a box of 25

Few things are as synonymous with Bay Area hip-hop as blunts, which are cigars rerolled with some of the best marijuana in the world in this case. When Mac Dre said he was rolling up an eighth in a Backwoods, the poor kids east of The Rockies didn't even know that was possible until they heard it. Yes, whether a woods, dutch, or Philly Titan if you're a real weirdo, we love our blunts in the East Bay. But sadly, they're not very good for you. For those who want to stay away from tobacco, High Hemp Wraps are here to save the day. Yes there are still going to be some carcinogens like their tobacco-based cousins, but Hemp Wrap is made out the same thing you're smoking anyway. — JD

Horus Necklace

3935 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, 510-601-7768, WaterliliesShop.com


Horus necklace from Waterlilies.
  • Horus necklace from Waterlilies.

If you're looking for a gift for the peace-loving Egyptologist in your life, the Horus Necklace from Waterlilies on Piedmont Avenue is the perfect choice. This arresting amulet is handmade in Los Angeles from recycled brass bullets, and is said to bring good luck and protection to its wearer. It hangs from a 28-inch matte steel chain, and depicts two falcons, symbols of the Egyptian god, Horus, ruler of the sky. This stunner is sure to elicit oohs and aahs on Christmas morning, and long after. Come by the store or order online. — EGJ

IAmlocal Delivery Service


Shop local without leaving home with IAmLocal delivery service. Instead of hunting all over town for the perfect gift, or else surrendering to online shopping from a massive corporation, enjoy local online shopping and delivery through IAmLocal. The delivery service was created by two East Bay residents — one the former owner of Hatch gift shops — who realized how much business the local community was losing to online giants. Their website lets you search real time stock of local boutiques, order it online and have it delivered to your home. Finally, you can shop local while in your jammies on your couch! There's no fee for shopping through IAmLocal, paying online, and picking up in the store. There's a nominal delivery fee (similar to food delivery costs) if you want IAmLocal to deliver to your home or office. It's a triple win: shop local, support a local online delivery service, and do it all from the comfort of your couch. — AC

Introductory Kayaking Class

409 Water St., Oakland, 510-893-7833, CalKayak.com


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