2011 A's create nostalgia for 2010 A's



Remember the halcyon days of last year? The Oakland A's finished at .500. They were completely average, and utterly overlooked during the epoch of the San Francisco Giants. Man, I miss those A's! They couldn't hit either, but they played confident defense and stole bases. That was exciting. This year's model can't run or catch the ball. Exciting in a we're-going-to-crash-I-can-feel-it-way. Rajai Davis, Athletics nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Wasn't Moneyball supposed to correct for this? What was it that the market didn't value? Poor fielding, clumsy defenders? I suppose that's what we bought. Did you see Josh Willingham in New York? Or Connor Jackson? Maybe you've stopped watching. I try by holding my hands up to my face and through open fingers, just like the A's play third base.

There are two more months of this, where we can't steal bases (and they can), where we can't hit the ball out (but they do), where we can't plug a hole (and they have). It's enough to make a fan nostalgic for mediocrity. At least we play most of the last half of the season on the road. I can watch it from a distance, holding tightly to my remote control. Otherwise, you know it's Cliff Pennington, and I'm looking under the couch for it.