17 Arrested in Cal Protests


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Seventeen students were arrested for trespassing last night after refusing to leave UC Berkeley's Wheeler Hall, according to the Daily Cal.

The demonstration — part of yesterday's statewide "Day of Action" in support of public education — began with just a hundred or so protesters marching around campus, but got considerably spicier around sundown when 30 or so entered the building, which was set to close at 10 p.m.

According to the Daily Cal, at 9:30 officers warned demonstrators that anyone who remained after that would be risking arrest. At around 10, thirty or so cops from the Alameda County Sheriff's Office and campus police, dressed in riot gear, entered the building, and zip-tied and removed the remaining protesters (The protest was nonviolent and no injuries were reported, according to UC police officer Alice Yao, via KTVU). The protesters were then taken to the Alameda County Jail. Ultimately, fourteen were cited and released, while three people are apparently still in jail and scheduled for a hearing tomorrow morning. The Daily Cal, BTW, live-tweeted the whole thing.