Oakland Man Disappears



An Oaklander has vanished, according to a bulletin just posted by Oakland City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente:

"Dear Neighbors -

"I have just been informed that an elderly Fruitvale resident has been missing since yesterday afternoon. Below is a brief description, please call OPD at 238-3641, case # 08-058775 if you see the following person:

"Mr. Adolph Reynoso who occasionally attends the beat 21y NCPC meetings has been missing since early yesterday afternoon. Mr. Reyonso is an 86 year old- male Hispanic about 5'7", 160 lbs, brown eyes, medium complexion & gray hair. He walks daily. He was wearing a blue vest with fur over a white t-shirt and blue Jeans. He generally walks in the area of Fruitvale, Coolidge and neighboring streets.

"For more information you may also contact the Neighborhood Services Coordinator, Debbie Ramirez 238-2163.

"Sincerely, Ignacio."