10 Things That Cost Less Than Facebook's $5 Billion IPO



As you've probably heard, Facebook filed a $5 billion IPO today — which makes it the biggest public offering in history, and which analysts say will push the company's total value to over $100 billion. Presented without commentary, here's a list of things that cost less than $5 billion:

-119,047,610 Big Macs

-2,666,666.67 of these (extremely ugly*) diamond Tiffany necklaces

  • Hungry????

-The budget gap the Oakland City Council was forced to close last night by cutting eighty jobs and eliminating 105 positions...times 178.5

- The Gross Domestic Product of 61 countries, including Fiji, Barbados, Suriname, and Belize

- Roughly 8,333,000 32 GB iPad 2s

- Mitt Romney's 2011 income...times 239.23

-476,644,423 two-disc collectors' edition DVDs of The Social Network

MONEY. It likes MONEY.
  • MONEY. They like MONEY.
-The annual operating budget of Planned Parenthood...4.8 times over

- Dinner tonight at Chez Panisse (downstairs, son!) for every man, woman, and child in California, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Arizona, Montana, Oregon and Idaho. Hey look, it's black truffle week!

- The Bureau of Indian Affairs' operating budget for 2008 and 2009 — plus $332,590

- Four years' worth of resident tuition to UC Berkeley for 86,442 people

You know what's cool?

*sorry, that's commentary. But seriously??????