Same High-Capacity Magazine Linked to Two Oakland Murders


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Earlier this week, we noted that high-capacity magazines have flooded the streets of Oakland. And newly filed court documents reveal that two of the four murders in the Oakland gang war that erupted last Friday were committed with the same AR-15 assault-rifle outfitted with same high-capacity drum magazine. Similar devices are increasingly fueling the carnage in the ongoing feud between Case Gang and Money Team, two groups that have subsumed other gangs from across the city under their aegis.

Eddiebo Rodriguez was killed at 34th and West Streets with the same assault weapon used in another shooting across town.
  • Ali Winston
  • Eddiebo Rodriguez was killed at 34th and West Streets with the same assault weapon used in another shooting across town.
According to Oakland Police Officer Steven Bang's January 15 sworn declaration, 23-year-old Concord resident Lamar Eric Webster was identified by an unnamed witness as the shooter of 20-year old Eddiebo Rodriguez, who was killed on 34th and West streets around 4:15 p.m. on January 11th.

Later than evening, an AR-15 rifle fitted with a drum magazine was recovered with four other firearms from 90th Avenue and Hillside, where an unidentified 22-year-old was killed. Officer Bang’s declaration states that “preliminary lab results show that the recovered AR-15 rifle test fired shell casings match the shell casings recovered from 34th S./West St.” Police pulled over Webster the next day, and recovered a user manual for a high-capacity AR-15 drum magazine from the car. He currently faces one charge of murder and two charged of attempted murder.

Law enforcement has identified Rodriguez as a member of the Ghost Town street gang, which joined forces with Money Team recently. He was picked up along with 25 other people by law enforcement in an October 2010 gang sweep of Ghost Town, an area of West Oakland defined by OPD as the stretch of Martin Luther King Jr. Way between 25th and 35th streets.

January 11 was not the fire time multiple homicides have taken place within hours of each other. Five people were killed within six hours of one another on October 1. However, OPD does not believe those shootings are linked in the same way as last weekend's carnage, which left four dead and eleven wounded throughout the city.


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