Guns Are Cheap and Plentiful in Oakland


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In the wake of Connecticut school massacre today, there's been much talk of the need for stricter gun control measures nationwide — as their should be. But even before today's tragic events unfolded, there was strong evidence that our nation needs to launch a major crackdown on guns. And that's especially true in Oakland, where illegal guns are plentiful and cheap — and have been for decades. According to a report published on, Oakland ranks fourth nationally for gun-related homicides per capita — behind only New Orleans, Detroit, and Baltimore. "The importance of gun control cannot be minimized," the authors noted.

A glock handgun.
  • A glock handgun.
The report also found correlations between gun-related homicides and poverty and economic inequality — which are both major problems in Oakland as well. "Death by gun clearly reflects the class divides which vex America, being substantially more likely in poorer, less advantaged places," the authors noted.


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