You Write Too Long: This Week's Feature, Bite-Sized



This week, East Bay Express music editor/resident jazz nerd Rachel "Swantanamo Bay" Swan gamely dives into one of the bigger paradoxes facing the local music scene today: Here in the Bay Area, we've got a legacy of producing great jazz music as well as great jazz musicians, with one of the best high-school jazz programs in the country (at Berkeley High) and legenday clubs lie Yoshi's. We've got a relatively arts-happy populace that appears to be more than willing to sink money into nonprofit jazz projects. So why, then, can't we sustain a jazz scene, and why do most of our best and brightest move to New York to start their careers? It's a complicated question with a complicated answer, which is why you should really read the whole thing.

Kind of Blue: GET IT????????
  • "Kind of Blue": GET IT????????


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