Walnut Creek Now a Cauldron of Alcohol-Induced Vice


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Fighting, peeing, carousing, loitering, and rampant spitting are among the crimes recently witnessed in the temperate streets of Walnut Creek, which have become an improbable haven for late-night clubgoers. Tonight the city council will discuss ways to curb these nefarious behaviors, ABC Channel 7 News reports. Possible solutions include earlier alcohol cut-off times, or staggering the times that the bars close (a proposal that might also get implemented in Oakland, should Kaplan and Nadel's cabaret pilot program come to fruition). It's a sticky topic for local nightclubs, whose proprietors don't want to lose any business as a result of stricter laws. But residents of the downtown Walnut Creek area see it differently. Many embrace the idea of a clean, quiet, Saturday night, without drunk folks yelling in the street or peeing in the planters.


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