McGwire Admits to Steroid Use in Oakland



Retired baseball slugger Mark McGwire admitted yesterday that he started ingesting steroids in the late 1980s while playing with the Oakland A’s. He also acknowledged what baseball fans have long suspected — he juiced with steroids in 1998 when he set the single season homerun record with the St. Louis Cardinals. But McGwire’s long-awaited confession on the MLB Network also contained some inconsistencies.

In his interview with Bob Costas, McGwire adamantly maintained that he only took performance-enhancing drugs to recover from injuries and not to become stronger. But there is no doubt that McGwire bulked up considerably during the 1990s and became a more powerful hitter. And even if he did take steroids so that he could heal faster from injuries — it still enhanced his performance and gave him an unfair advantage over baseball players who remained clean.

And as for McGwire's admission to taking steroids while playing for the A's, it looks like Jose Canseco, who admitted several years ago to injecting steroids with McGwire in the Oakland A's lockeroom, was the only baseball player to tell the truth all along.

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