Oakland Cops Fed Up With Leaders



The Chauncey Bailey Project has published its own version of a year in review story about the state of law enforcement in Oakland, and the picture ain't pretty. The story quotes two anonymous officers, who claim that the rank and file are disgusted with the ineptitude and lack of accountability of the department's leadership, and that the bungling of the Chauncey Bailey murder investigation is indicative of larger problems. Specifically, the anonymous cops say that homicide Sergeant Derwin Longmire's failure to report key evidence of a conspiracy to kill Bailey is unacceptable, but no one at the top of the cop shop seems to care. The decision to delay raiding the Your Black Muslim Bakery headquarters for two days almost certainly cost Bailey his life, but the Department's leaders seem almost nonchalant about this critical failure in judgment and priorities. Add that to the dismal homicide clearance rate, and you have a sad picture of a Police Department that can barely function in one of the most dangerous cities in America. Go there now, and read it for yourself.

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