Prop. 8: Yup, It was the Catholics



Looks like the Roman Catholic Church played a more important role in banning gay marriage than previously thought. During the campaign, everyone was struck by how much money the Mormon church was dumping into the Yes on 8 coffers, but the Chron reports that it was San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer who personally recruited the Mormons to the effort. Niederauer had been bishop of the Salt Lake City diocese for 11 years, and he tapped his Mormon contacts when the time came to slap the homos around. Of course, as the story points out, the No on 8 campaign made its share of stupid mistakes, downplaying gays and lesbians, as if they weren't front and center in this whole conversation. In addition, Prop. 8 opponents instructed their volunteers to steer clear of talking about children when chatting up voters, but it turns out that was what most people wanted to talk about, and the team had no answer ready.

Anyway, the Mormons got what they wanted. And over the weekend, hundreds of people let them know what they think of their nasty agenda, rallying in front of the Oakland Mormon temple. According to the Trib, the demo forced Caltrans officials to shut down freeway off-ramps near the temple for more than three hours. Cry me a friggin' river.

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