Sour Grapes for Chron On Bailey Case?



The San Francisco Chronicle runs a piece on Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums' call for an outside agency to investigate the Chauncey Bailey case, but gets a little petulant when it comes to crediting the Chauncey Bailey Project, the consortium of reporters that has been following the case and broke new evidence of possible misconduct on the part of Sergeant Derwin Longmire, the cop who initially investigated the murder. The Chron claims that Dellums called for outside investigators following "lingering questions" about Longmire, touts its own months-old reporting on the case, and finally mentions the Project grafs down in the story. Not only that, but the paper called the District Attorney's office and reported that from the D.A.'s perspective, a key part of the Chauncey Bailey Project's latest series was old news. Stay classy, fellas.

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