Report: California's Students Steadily Improve Math, Reading Skills



State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell announced that for the fifth year in a row, California's students have improved their reading, writing and math skills, as reflected in the annual California Standards Test. But as the Chron reports, O'Connell is now very disturbed at the widening racial disparity in performance, particularly among low-scoring African-American students. How did the East Bay's school districts do? Check it out after the jump:

Here's the district breakdown, measured as a percentage of students who scored Proficient or Advanced:

Alameda: 61 percent in English, 52 percent in Math. English up, Math down from 2007.

Albany: 71 percent in English, 69 percent in Math. English up from 2007, Math even with 2007.

Berkeley: 52 percent in English, 47 percent in Math. Both up from 2007.

Dublin: 66 percent in English, 59 percent in Math. English up, Math even compared with 2007.

Emeryville: 34 percent in English, 28 percent in Math. Both up from 2007.

Hayward: 33 percent in English, 31 percent in Math. Squeaking up from 2007.

Oakland: 32 percent in English, 33 percent in Math. Both up from 2007.

West Contra Costa: 35 in English, 32 in Math. Both up from 2007.

Congratulations to the East Bay's young scholars! Everyone gets marks for improvement!


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