Hancock Smeared by Gambling Interests


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We've never been shy with out opinion that casino gambling is a blight that leads to poverty, increased suicide and bankruptcy rates, and a general debasement of modern society. And here we have another example: a brand-new campaign committee, Education Leaders for High Standards, has mailed out a flier accusing state Senate candidate Loni Hancock of degrading education standards. Who's behind Education Leaders for High Standards? You didn't really think any education leaders, did you? No, it's the California Tribal Business Alliance PAC, an arm of Indian gambling interests. And who has given a small fortune to the PAC? None other than the Lytton band of Pomo Indians, which runs the San Pablo Lytton Casino. Hancock, you see, virulently opposed the casino's plan to install 5,000 crack dispensers. Um, sorry, we mean slot machines. The Trib's Josh Richman has the whole sordid story; hit the link and read the whole thing.



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