Mayor Dellums: Slow Down!



Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums has made a lot of missteps in his first year in office, but sometimes he just can't catch a break. For months, he's been roundly criticized for not acting swiftly to deal with the city's crime problem, but then when he finally makes a decisive move, he gets heat for acting too quickly. According to today's Trib, he wants the City Council to vote next Tuesday on his $7.7 million plan to boost police recruitment and training so he can meet his goal of bringing Oakland's police force up to its full staffing level of 803 by year's end. The understaffed OPD is currently under siege, following last weekend's spate of murders. Yet council members, including President Ignacio De La Fuente, are arguing that the mayor needs to slow down and that his proposal must be fully analyzed before it comes to council. Maybe some folks aren't that anxious for the mayor to succeed.

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