Berkeley Commissioner Serves Two Places at Once



Michael St. John, a member of Berkeley's Housing Advisory Commission, is also a member of Mendocino County's Historical Review Board. St. John has served on both boards simultaneously for the past year. Read on to see how he can get away with it.

St. John, who was appointed by Councilman Gordon Wozniak , assures us he that legally he can serve in two places at once. He's registered to vote in Mendocino, where he has a weekend home, so he can serve there, he says. But because Berkeley is his primary residence, St. John says the rules allow him to serve in the college town too.

Tenant activists no doubt recognize St. John's name. For years, he represented landlords fighting Berkeley's Rent Stabilization Board. These days, however, St. John says he mostly deals with condo conversions. Guess what the biggest housing issue on the horizon is for the housing commission? That's right, condo conversions.

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