Oakland City Council Expected To Support TaxCann2010


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The Oakland City Council is expected to formally endorse the Tax Cannabis 2010 ballot initiative, the Oakland Tribune reports Friday. City Attorney John Russo already did, and the Tribune's Kelly Rayburn reports most councilmembers have already endorsed the initiative as individuals. A council committee may decide Thursday this week to forward a resolution in support of the measure to the full council, who could vote on it later this month.

According to the Trib:

Organizations that have announced their opposition include the California Police Chiefs Association, the California Peace Officers' Association and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. All the major gubernatorial candidates have come out against the idea of legalizing marijuana, though Democratic candidate Jerry Brown, state attorney general and a former Oakland mayor, has not commented on the specific ballot initiative because as attorney general he was responsible for writing the title and summary of the measure, said spokesman Sterling Clifford.


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