NFL Marijuana Incidents Up 30 percent, WSJ Finds



The Wall Street Journal reports that almost a third of players at this year's NFL pre-draft scouting camp (or combine) had a marijuana incident in their background, a 30 percent increase over last year. The NFL has some of the toughest penalties in professional team sports for cannabis use, while many doctors like Berkeley's Frank Lucido, as well as ex-players, say the plant helps with pain and stress.

The WSJ reports:

Kyle Turley, a former All-Pro lineman who retired in 2008, says he smoked marijuana at times throughout his 10-year NFL career. NFL players are only tested once for marijuana, between April and August, he says, so he stayed clean before the test and then felt free to smoke afterwards. He says he did so to relax and to help keep up his appetite to maintain his playing weight. "I know half the building of every NFL team smokes pot, or has, but it's so taboo nobody will say it," he says.

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