D2 Gets Reamed on SF_Indie Yahoo Group


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Express music editor David Downs, aka D2, was lambasted recently on the popular local music chat group sf_indie. Questions began to circulate as to whether the Express "cares" about music. Of course we do. Or whether we read the sf_indie list. Yes, we do. Or whether we might respond to these allegations. No, but we'll report them. The rant began after publication of Downs' November 1 feature on the Budget Rock Showcase - a two-day garage-rock bonanza held at the Stork Club last weekend. The first e-mail, titled "you wanna get interviewed by a jerk?" criticized Downs' description of the "skanky slit between the buildings" at the Oakland music venue, and derided him for focusing the article on the upcoming election, rather than the bands playing the music fest. A flurry of other name calling ensued. Here's a sampling: "he sucks," "fucking imbecile," "a tool" and "an asshole." One reader summarized: "bathrooms are so informative. kind of like the east bay express." Ouch!


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