Book By Its Cover: Cerrone's Hysteria



If this were a book, we'd read it. Just sayin'. Instead it's an album cover from Paris-born Jean-Marc Cerrone, one of the most influential European disco producers of the '70s and early '80s. His 1976 solo debut, Love in C-Minor, calls "a masterful sample of midtempo disco with an eye towards production prowess instead of chart potential." Yeah, you think? The freaking title track is 16 minutes long! Beyond overblown disco, Cerrone also has a thing for naked ladies, as evidenced by this most righteous of album covers.

Hysteria is right. It's hard to know where to focus the eyes -- Everywhere? Nowhere? That mysterious number 16? This 2002 release (which recently crossed EBX's music desk as part of a promotion for the upcoming re-release of French DJ/producer Bob Sinclar's "flamboyant homage" to the man that inspired him) finds Cerrone contuining to churn out more of the same. Apparently he realizes that unlike disco, nudity will never go out of style.

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