Best Residential Garden: Visions of utopiary

Reno Manor

This time of year, gardens all over the East Bay are typically breathtaking. Reno Manor in particular stands out for the variety, time, energy, and expense its owners have put into creating their Garden of Eden. Best of all, it's visible to the public from the street and sidewalk. The house is on a corner, and the garden wraps around it, framed by tasteful topiary on one side and a well-kept palm on the other. Boxwood and other shrubs accentuate the house's historical beauty. Black and white tulips line the walkway, while ivy embraces a classic wrought-iron fence. White daffodils fill the outer parameter and a rich variety accents the in-between areas. Not a spot remains that looks untended. The variety of plants keeps the yard lush and in bloom almost year-round. It's definitely worth a sight-seeing trip.
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