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Best Burritos

Just because they have a Spanish name and first appeared for sale just over a hundred years ago along the Texas-Mexico border doesn't mean that burritos must be stuffed with standard Mexican — or even Southwestern — components. At least not in this brave new multicultural world, they don't. If you're already into other forms of fusion — Zen raves, say, or balalaika hip-hop — then step it up with crossover burritos, creatively designed by Best Burritos' owner, Won Eon. A certified chef in her native Korea, she bought an existing burrito shop soon after emigrating to the United States and immediately began to experiment with its menu. The result is a culture-crunching repertoire that includes typical Mexican fare as well as lightly sauced marinated-tofu burritos, juicy three-mushroom burritos (which include shiitakes, of course), and piquant teriyaki/bulgoki burritos, whose tender marinated beef exudes alternating bursts of garlicky, savory, and sweet. Packed into large tortillas along with these fusion fillings — which are sautéed to order — are gigantic helpings of rice, boiled beans, chunky house-made salsa, and julienned lettuce and onion. Bulgoki and salsa, sure. Wrap your head around that.
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